Champs Trade Shows Las Vegas

Champs Trade Shows Las Vegas

A Glimpse into the Heart of Smoke Shop Culture

The Champs Trade Shows in Las Vegas this year was not just an event; it was a vibrant celebration of the smoke shop industry's latest and greatest. Held at the iconic Las Vegas Convention Center, the event drew a crowd that was as diverse as the products on display. From industry insiders to curious newcomers, the air was thick with anticipation and excitement. 

The Ultimate Lounge Experience

Business, Pleasure, and Mini Golf

Imagine entering a lively event and coming across a mini-golf course right in the heart of it. That's precisely what attendees found, merging business with a touch of unexpected fun.The lounge area, sponsored by a leading brand, STIIIZY, became a vibrant playground where attendees could unwind, network, and enjoy a game or two.

The addition of airbrush artists personalizing free hats on the spot added a unique, artistic touch, making these keepsakes all the more special and very. Also, making this one sought-after grab!

The Beat of the Show

The event's atmosphere was perfectly complemented by a curated mix of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, setting the mood without overwhelming the buzz of conversations and connections being made. It was the ideal soundtrack for an evening of exploration and enjoyment.

Showcasing Innovation

The introduction of STIIIZY's brand new tobacco wraps and the mesmerizing 30-foot LED wall at the Champs Trade Shows became a defining moment for the company. Their commitment to pushing boundaries, coupled with the immersive experiences offered at the Champs Lounge, left attendees with a profound appreciation for the innovative direction STIIIZY was taking in the industry.

The highlight for many was the innovative display LED wall, showcasing the latest in smoke shop trends and products. This dynamic presentation became a focal point, drawing attendees in with its vibrant visuals and the promise of new discoveries.The LED wall played a curated mix of eye-catching graphics, product highlights, and engaging videos, providing insights into the company's ethos and the craftsmanship behind their offerings. 

The Vibe: A Celebration of Community

The turnout was impressive, with a lively crowd ready to dive into what the industry had to offer. The event struck a perfect balance between a professional trade show and a celebration of the smoke shop culture, fostering a sense of community among attendees.

The Champs Trade Shows in Las Vegas set a new benchmark for what industry events can be - a fusion of business, innovation, and sheer enjoyment. It was a vivid reminder of the vibrant community at the heart of the smoke shop industry, eagerly looking forward to what the future holds. As the event wrapped up, the shared excitement for next year's show was palpable, promising even more innovation, connection, and fun.